We can’t wait for women to have equal power in business, government, and every place decisions and investments are being made. It’s too far off. So let’s maximize the power we have today to create a new center of influence and accelerate the flow of capital (and power) in our society towards women.

It’s time to activate the Fempire

We’re on a mission to activate and grow women’s power at every level of society. #EmbraceAmbition

We want women in at least 50% of leadership positions across every industry, government, and everywhere decisions are made.

We can make a big impact right now by strategically using the power we already have. #FlexOurPower

In the spirit of flexing our power within our market and sphere of influence, we are building the Fempire Ecosystem. We want to help women drive more revenue for their businesses, get more credit for their revenue impact, and get the top ecosystem and sales leadership roles. We also want to ensure women CEOs are at the top of the fast-growing partner sales tech industry. #BetterThanTheGolfCourse

I have a raging fire in my belly that dragons would envy. I use this fire to march ahead and keep my mind open to every opportunity.”

President & CPO CX/CRM

Fempire EVENTS

In 2022 we decided to create our own space to do business and drive change. Think of it like the golf course – but better. We started bringing together powerful women from channel, partnerships, and sales roles for in-person Fempire dinners. Fempire dinners are always hosted at women-owned restaurants. Each dinner is an opportunity for women to build new relationships, get reenergized, and strategize ways to drive more revenue or impact together. Authors join us to share their stories of influence and impact within their companies, their partner ecosystems, and their communities.

Fempire dinner authors and book signings

When a Fempire leader writes a great book, we buy it, read it, and invite them to sign their books at our next dinner. Here are a few of the authors who have shared their stories at Fempire dinners.

Carmen Best

Black in Blue:
Lessons on Leadership, Breaking Barriers, and Racial Reconciliation

Helen Fanucci

Love Your Team:
A Survival Guide for Sales Managers in a Hybrid World

Sharan Hildebrand

Finish the Sentence:
A Business Fable About Women Unlocking Their Power and Discovering Career Success

Lori Richardson

She Sells:
Attract, Promote and Retain Great Women in B2B Sales

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Building and activating the #Fempire is a movement. The Fempire Ecosystem is a community. Our sponsors allow us to bring women together in person for events and conversations that activate more women to flex their power.

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